Sunday, June 27, 2010

Living on the Farm

Today I want to tell you more about how life is here on the farm. Out here, it is the best for me, and I am pretty sure my family would agree with me. There are a lot of different animals on our farm. For example, we have a milking cow. I am the worst one to milk her! I just can't do it right! Well, maybe my brother is the worst, he can't do it either! When you are milking her by hand it takes about a half an hour or 45 minutes. Now we bought a milking machine and it only takes a few minutes.

There are also horses that I love riding. I am going to go to a summer camp and take horse riding lessons, how exciting!

There are also sheep, 10 or 15 of them. The only thing I do with the sheep is pet them. There are also a couple of llamas, they are there to protect the sheep from predators like coyotes.

We have one cat, one kitten and two dogs. One of the dogs killed my first chicken! I had only had the chicken two days, and the dog decided to eat her. I was sad, because I had been waiting so long to have a chicken again.

Now I finally have a whole flock of chickens! They are somewhere safe away from the dogs. There are 15 chickens, and it is my job to go out there every morning and feed them and water them. Then I take them outside and put them inside in the evening. This fall I think they will be laying eggs. Chickens are my favorite animal in the whole wide world.

That's all for now! Remember, you can ask questions in the comments section of my posts.

Also, now my blog is public. Please tell your friends to read my blog!

Friday, June 18, 2010

About your families...

I know it has been a long time since I have written something, but I have alot of stuff to let you know. I have been very busy for the past few weeks!

Let's start with the first thing that has been keeping me from writing. May 18th was my 12th birthday! I was busy planning my party. My birthday was so fun!

We also had many field trips at the end of the school year. For example, we went to a ranch, to a Native American River Honoring, and fishing for our Hooked on Fishing program at school. The field trips were all pretty cool. My favorite one was the River Honoring. We played some very fun Native American games that I had never played before, but the truth is I was pretty good at them.

Today I wanted to talk about something with other adopted kids who may be reading this blog. I know that you may be worried that I changed families. I don't think that you should think about moving into a different family, ever. You don't always feel comfortable. Nothing is perfect but heaven. You know, there is a saying, you should be happy with your adoptive family, and I believe it is true! For me it didn't work out very good. I didn't choose for it to happen, it just happened.

Everyone has hard times and you think it will be easier if you had a different family. But you know what, it's not always easier with my new family either! Everyone has their own different problems. The best thing to do is to work it out together with the people in your family, or anybody that you are having a problem with, like your best friend. That is the best thing to do!

I will write more soon about how my summer is going! Keep reading!